Shareholder Application

Thank you for your interest in joining our cooperative. We hope this page will help highlight the application and move-in process for you.

Shareholder Application Process

  1. Obtain a ratified sales contract.
  2. Send a copy of the ratified sales contact to our transfer agent, Edmund J. Flynn, to obtain a shareholder application.
  3. E.J. Flynn will contact our management agent to obtain a “resale” packet which will include all of the required information to satisfy your sales contract and information needed by a lender.
  4. Complete the application and provide all of the required supplemental documents to E.J. Flynn.
  5. Once E.J. Flynn has received a complete packet with all required documentation, they will send your application to the board for review.
  6. Please allow at least one week for the board to review your application. If the application is for a cash transfer/purchase or your application is atypical, a longer review period will be necessary.
  7. Should the board have any questions about your application, they will contact your real estate agent.
  8. If the board approves your application, it will notify E.J. Flynn in writing. We suggest not scheduling your transfer/closing until this approval has been sent to E.J. Flynn.

Move-in Process

  1. Download and complete the Move-in Packet.
  2. Send the completed Move-in Packet to Building Manager (
  3. Work with the manager to schedule a move-in date/time.